Business and Contract Disputes:

Business 8.jpgContract Laws, Commercial Laws and State and licensing laws & existing contractual clauses allow us to help business owners to receive compensations for their loss from breach of a contract or even a bad faith business.

Attorney will examine the cost of litigation, economic factors, all the pertinent evidentiary documents. The remedies are either for services rendered or (not rendered) , infringement of copy rights, breach of contracts based on the governing laws or United Nation Convention on Contracts for International Sales of Goods, anti-trust actions , contracts on loans or investments.
The types of damages are General & Special damages, Reliance Damages ( Loss Suffered for relying on the adverse party), damages of payment received ( restitution damages) , injury to business, punitive damages ( punishing the wrongdoer for public benefits) , contractual clauses.

Remedies also could be of action required: specific performance, injunction, restraining order, arbitration, settlement.
Remedies usually try to cure different types of breaches: Breach of Commercial Lease Contracts, Real Estate Contracts, construction claims, buyer and sellers of commodities, employees breach, lease of goods, equipment’s, supplier services, licensor of the patents and or copy right owner.

Or be infringements upon or interfering with: patents, trademarks, business relations, customer lists, monopolies, price discrimination, etc. Damages may be also caused by directors, officers, principal shareholders, trustees, bankers, etc.

Damages may also be calculated on businesses where the adversaries are not in the US soil but the contract affects US industry or economy or is a direct violation governed by the United States.

For Example Immigration Notarios( A notario is an Immigration Middle-man who receives money to direct a client or to act on behalf of clients for the benefits gained from immigration laws and who are NOT lawyers) would be subject to law suits in US federal courts and even State Courts based on their locations.
This is an immigration legal blog. It is not intended to be used as legal advice.
For further information please contact the law offices of attorney Ramona Kennedy.

Ramona Kennedy (Attorney) received her Jurisprudence Doctorate in America and is a licensed attorney in California (USA) and US Federal Courts.

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Ramona Kennedy (Attorney) received her Jurisprudence Doctorate(Doctorate in law) in America. Ramona Kennedy is a licensed Attorney in California (USA) and a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). Ms. Kennedy's areas of practice are US Immigration law, US federal Laws and California State Laws. This is an immigration law blog. It is not intended to be used as legal advise. For further information please contact the law offices of Attorney Ramona Kennedy.

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