US Citizenship of Children Born Outside of the US

US citizenship and naturalization provisions allow individuals who are not born in the US become citizens through either judicial ceremony (when the court administers the “oath of allegiance”) or through administrative ceremony (when USCIS administers the “oath of allegiance”). A child may receive “Citizenship” after the oath of her parents, even if she has notContinue reading “US Citizenship of Children Born Outside of the US”

Asylum, Asking American Government for Protection under President Trump’s Policies

In regard to asylum laws, President Trump wants to change the policies and proposes as follow: 1)Social Group: He proposes Narrowing the particular social group guidelines 2)Political Group: He imposes restrictions and demands higher standards 3)Persecution: He demands to show sever level of harm 4)Gender Persecution: He demands to exclude gender from eligible persecution criteriaContinue reading “Asylum, Asking American Government for Protection under President Trump’s Policies”

Good Moral Character Criteria and What Should an Immigrant Do if Convicted

“Good Moral Character” is a test that Green Card holders and applicants for naturalization (US citizenship) should pass. Conviction of a crime of moral turpitude (CMT) would cause a non-citizen deportable and/or at risk of citizenship denial by the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) application. What is a crime of Moral Turpitude? CrimesContinue reading “Good Moral Character Criteria and What Should an Immigrant Do if Convicted”

US Citizenship and Residency Requirements

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services can grant citizenship to the applicants who have a Green Card and have completed residency requirements. Although residency requirement is not the only condition to Citizenship, its one of the most important ones. The minimum age to apply individually for citizenship is 18 years old. In each residencyContinue reading “US Citizenship and Residency Requirements”

Domestic Violence Could Cause You Lose Your Green Card

Domestic Violence is abuse or threats to abuse of someone who is or used to be in an intimate relationship with the abuser. For example, married spouses, domestic partners, lovers, or those who have a child together, or lived together or are related through blood. Abuse is physical attack whether is intentional or reckless, sexualContinue reading “Domestic Violence Could Cause You Lose Your Green Card”

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