California Mechanic Liens

A mechanic lien is like a “judgement” lien to protect “construction interest in a property”. For a mechanic lien to be enforceable, the beneficiary must follow the procedure established by mechanic lien laws. Similar as when we have a judicial foreclosure of a defaulted mortgage. Anyone who completes a building project at the request ofContinue reading “California Mechanic Liens”

Why Is It Important to Use Disclaimers in Your Contract? What Is the Scope of Protection?

A disclaimer is a Clause or Groups of Clauses which allow the party inserting them to be partially immune from certain lawsuits. A Clause may intend to waive or minimize third party liabilities. For example when a consumer, or a construction builder or an owner relies on a third party report of an “Environmental SiteContinue reading “Why Is It Important to Use Disclaimers in Your Contract? What Is the Scope of Protection?”

Breach of Contract: Anticipatory Breach

When most people think of contracts, they often forget that a contract may be breached under California contract laws when one party unconditionally refuses to perform the promised task. In court, this type of refusal is referred to as a repudiation of the contract. When one party indicates repudiation—through words, actions, or both—the injured partyContinue reading “Breach of Contract: Anticipatory Breach”

Recording Without Consent is Illegal in California

As technology continues to advance and audio recording systems become sleeker and more discrete, many individuals have rightfully feared the possibility of someone recording a confidential conversation. In California, it is actually illegal for people to record a private/confidential conversation or telephone call without one’s consent. Recording someone without the others’ knowledge is an actContinue reading “Recording Without Consent is Illegal in California”

How to Successfully Petition an EB-5 Case for Iranian Investors

With President Trump’s foreign policies with Iran, some Iranian investors become uneasy about pursuing an EB-5 visa. This article will clarify the new updates and explain important things to know before pursuing an EB-5 petition. First, Iranian nationals must understand that EB-5 petitions are still a viable option for investors looking to immigrate to theContinue reading “How to Successfully Petition an EB-5 Case for Iranian Investors”

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