OFAC Advisory to the Maritime Petroleum Shipping Community

Just recently on September of 2019, OFAC released its official warning to all business, organizations, and people involved in the maritime petroleum trade—specifically with Iran. These warning tie into OFAC’s overarching mission of creating sanctions beneficial to the United States. Trade policies and sanctions are both influence by international politics, governance, and national security. AsContinue reading “OFAC Advisory to the Maritime Petroleum Shipping Community”

L-1 Visas: U.S. Immigration for Executive or Managers of U.S. Based Companies

As today’s economy becomes more and more global, multinational companies are now sending many of their top-performing employees around the world. This practice of transferring employees overseas is becoming more and more common, so USCIS has adapted to allow this transfer to be more accessible. The L-1 Visa program was specifically designed for multinational companiesContinue reading “L-1 Visas: U.S. Immigration for Executive or Managers of U.S. Based Companies”

The Removal of EB-5 Conditions: Another Step Towards Permanent U.S. Residence

USCIS’ EB-5 investor program is a special path to citizenship that encourages successful businesses to expand to the United States. If you’ve never heard about EB-5 investors and think you might be interested, you should definitely check out past blogs that explain this program in greater detail. For EB-5 investors that have already immigrated andContinue reading “The Removal of EB-5 Conditions: Another Step Towards Permanent U.S. Residence”

Eb5, Investment, Trump & Immigration ; the Ongoing Controversy

The public’s mixed feelings towards president trump’s immigration policies have been unable to create a straight reacional platform as to whether the changes he has caused thus far benefit or damage the US economy. One of the recent affected areas of his immigration hasty policies is Eb5; US Investment Visa. President has increased the amountContinue reading “Eb5, Investment, Trump & Immigration ; the Ongoing Controversy”

Why interests acquired under Duress in California are reversible?

Definition of Economic Duress: An illicit act that is adequately coercive to induce a “reasonably prudent person” to yield to the pressure applied by the perpetrator because they lack an acceptable alternative. Illicit Acts: These acts may be any of the following, blackmail, knowingly making a false claim, or issuing a bad faith threat toContinue reading “Why interests acquired under Duress in California are reversible?”

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