Obtaining U.S. Citizenship Through Parents

When it comes to obtaining U.S. citizenship through legal family relationships, there are generally two ways: at birth and after birth (but before the age of 18). In order to help those interested in this process, Congress has enacted laws that help clarify the prerequisites to establish birthright citizenship. Laws on birthright citizenship has changedContinue reading “Obtaining U.S. Citizenship Through Parents”

What Happens When You Abandon Your Green Card?

When people become a lawful permanent resident (LPR) or green card holder, these residents will maintain their current status unless they apply for naturalization or they lose/abandon the status. For individuals found guilty of intentionally abandoning their green card status, USCIS warns that the green card status may be taken away. There are several factorsContinue reading “What Happens When You Abandon Your Green Card?”

What is Asylum?

Asylum is a special status often granted to refugees avoiding persecution for various reasons. Beyond politics, governments, and countries, leaders from around the world have established humans’ fundamental right to a life free from persecution. Respecting this human right, countries such as the United States have upheld the practice of granting asylum (or a placeContinue reading “What is Asylum?”

Expired Green Cards: Why It’s So Important to Renew

This question gets asked all the time, “how do I renew my green card once it expires?” The short answer to that question is, it depends on your type of green card. USCIS often grants two different types of green cards, the 2-year conditional green card and the 10-year green card. An individual’s type ofContinue reading “Expired Green Cards: Why It’s So Important to Renew”

International Adoption: Providing U.S. Homes and Opportunity to At-risk Children Around the Globe.

Every child deserves a loving home filled with bright opportunities and great role models. The sad reality is, there are still countless children struggling to make daily ends meet. In 2019, many still do not have homes, family members, or even the opportunities to create a better future. For those who have grown up inContinue reading “International Adoption: Providing U.S. Homes and Opportunity to At-risk Children Around the Globe.”

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