E2 Treaty Investor Program in the United States

Each year, USCIS gives out many visas to qualified investors through the E2 Treaty Investor classification. For the right individual, this E2 treaty investor program may be a great opportunity for someone to both expand their businesses into America and obtain US residency. The E2 investor classification is only given to individuals who are nationals/citizensContinue reading “E2 Treaty Investor Program in the United States”

Why Do You need a Lawyer for Your E2 Investment Visas

Imagine investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in the United States after hearing about the E-2 Visa program, only to then realize that the new requirements have rendered all your investments insufficient. Though the E-2 Treaty Investor Program seems like an attractive plan for shrewd investors that want to expand their businesses and obtain visas,Continue reading “Why Do You need a Lawyer for Your E2 Investment Visas”

More Details on U.S. Business Visas

For foreign investors looking for both a way to obtain a US visa and invest in a business in the United States, the US government offers foreign investors 2 options. The E2 treaty investor visa and the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa are business investment visas. Another business type visa is the L1 visa, or howContinue reading “More Details on U.S. Business Visas”

How to Invest in a US Business and Obtain a U.S. Visa

The United States offers many business category visas for willing foreign investors searching for an option to obtain a visa. However, it is very important for the investor to be aware of the important requirements the visa has for the investor and how the investor invests his or her money. One key guideline to thisContinue reading “How to Invest in a US Business and Obtain a U.S. Visa”

Why USA Business Visas are Generally Great Ideas?

The US economy is often topic of much discussion. More notably, how to get it to grow year after year. This is because a good economy usually means higher employment and higher paying jobs. Since the United States is a capitalist country, it looks very favorable on businesses and investments. An immigrant will take thisContinue reading “Why USA Business Visas are Generally Great Ideas?”

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