US Business Immigration

The term “Investment Immigration” refers to immigrant or non-immigrant visas which would be obtained through direct investment in the USA to benefit US economy. Following is a summary and description of few of these visas. L1 Visas A U.S. L1 visa is a temporary visa where a foreign national who transfers to the United StatesContinue reading “US Business Immigration”

Applying for an E2 Visa/Treaty Visa

An E2 Visa is an investment visa whereas the eligible applicant would invest substantial amount of money (substantial is a term relative to the chosen business) in an active and real business to receive the visa. Visas could be extended if the applicant would show the business has been operated successfully and continues to generateContinue reading “Applying for an E2 Visa/Treaty Visa”

More on Treaty Trader (E2) Visas

When a foreign businessman decides to operate a business in the US, if otherwise eligible, he could apply for an E2 visa. In an E2 visa, because applicant is required to be the controlling supervisor/director or manager of the business operation, he may be required to have some relevant educational or operational background to ensureContinue reading “More on Treaty Trader (E2) Visas”

Could a corporation apply for an E2 visa?

E2 visas are visas under which investors may live & conduct specified businesses in the US. These businesses are available to nationals of Iran, as Iranians signed a commerce treaty with the United States in 1958. E2 visas may be applied under certain forms of corporation. The corporation must be owned by the nationals ofContinue reading “Could a corporation apply for an E2 visa?”

Required Amount of Investment for E2 Visas

How much money do we actually need to invest in the US to receive a treaty visa & where it can be held? In September 1997, US Immigration & State Department each published final rules for treaty visas. The rules allowed usage of escrow accounts till a visa is approved or denied. The substantial amountContinue reading “Required Amount of Investment for E2 Visas”

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