EB-1 Visas for Extraordinary Applicants

Do you have exceptional abilities, knowledge, education, or skills? USCIS will give you a green card if you are approved. Individual with extraordinary abilities who also needs a United States green card can take advantage of the EB-1 program currently offered. The EB-1 program allows extraordinary individuals an employment-based, first-preference visa. In other words, theContinue reading “EB-1 Visas for Extraordinary Applicants”

EB-1 Visa: Outstanding Researcher or Professor

The United States government has many employment base visa categories that foreign nationals can apply for. Some of these categories also have sub categories. The EB1 visa for example has 3 eligibility categories. The three categories have different requirements that must be met in order to be granted a visa. EB-1 visa for example isContinue reading “EB-1 Visa: Outstanding Researcher or Professor”

EB-1 Permanent Workers Extraordinary Ability /Outstanding Professor /Multinational Executive

The United States is the best country in the world. It has the largest economy. American businesses are able to compete in a global arena with other foreign countries in the same industry. The United States is also very innovative when it comes to technology, medicine, and business, to name few categories. The United StatesContinue reading “EB-1 Permanent Workers Extraordinary Ability /Outstanding Professor /Multinational Executive”

Extraordinary Abilities, Exceptional Talents and Skills, Eb1-A ( Self-Petitioning Employment-Based US Visas)

EB1-A is an immigration classification for foreign nationals that have extraordinary ability in the field of Art, Education, Science, business, or athletics. The most appealing thing about an EB1-A visa is that the foreign national does not have to have a prospective employer, unlike some of the other visa categories. The foreign national does howeverContinue reading “Extraordinary Abilities, Exceptional Talents and Skills, Eb1-A ( Self-Petitioning Employment-Based US Visas)”


EB1-A is a sub-class of Employment Based Immigrant Visas (EB Series) for applicants of extraordinary ability in the science, art, business, education, or sports. Unlike most applicants in this category, applicants for Eb1A do not need a sponsored employer to petition their migration to the US. There is no need for Labor Certificate or PetitionersContinue reading “THE SIGNIFICANCE OF EB1-A IMMIGRANT VISAS:”

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