F-1, M-1, J-1 Student Visas Explained

Ever wondered about the possibility of earning an American education as an international student? Thankfully, USCIS offers a variety of programs/pathways for applicants to apply for visas. This article aims to explain three main types of student visas: F-1, M-1, and J-1 visas. The F-1 student visa program is designed for foreign students that wantContinue reading “F-1, M-1, J-1 Student Visas Explained”

J-1 Exchange Visas: Designed to Promote the Interchange of Knowledge, and Skills in the Fields of Education, Arts, and Science

As the world enters the era of digital technology and the internet continues to shrink the world, countries are starting to realize that they need to work together. To solve big, overarching issues such as climate change, world hunger, and cancer, the brightest minds from all around the world need to work together. That isContinue reading “J-1 Exchange Visas: Designed to Promote the Interchange of Knowledge, and Skills in the Fields of Education, Arts, and Science”

If you are a scholar or teacher looking to continue your studies and teachings in the U.S., the J-1 exchange visas might be just what you need. Known as the J-1 exchange visitor program on USCIS, this program is a special visa process that aims to help scholars or other educated individuals in the fieldContinue reading

Trump Travel Ban and M, F, J-Visas

Trump Travel ban against Iranian nationals (regardless of age, gender, type of visas) along with imposed economic sanctions targets civilians and categorizes Moms and Grandmas under “Terrorists”. Meanwhile it opens endless opportunities for Russians to sign treaties with Iran in furtherance of huge economic advantages. Same travel ban, however, spares Iranian students, researchers, scholars andContinue reading “Trump Travel Ban and M, F, J-Visas”

J1 Visa and the Trump Ban

Throughout his administration, President Trump has imposed a travel ban against many countries from the Middle East. Countries affected include Iran, Iraq, and Syria; to list a few. Despite the travel ban against these countries, there are some visas that are offered to the citizens of these countries that will allow them to enter theContinue reading “J1 Visa and the Trump Ban”

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