True Marriage, True Love & Convictions in the Eyes of Immigration Officers

Imagine arranging a beautiful marriage in the United States only to have it ruined by a lengthy court process that tries to accuse your entire relationship as fraud. As xenophobic sentiments continue to manifest in the United States, the legitimacy of many immigrant marriages are now being questioned. More specifically, the U.S. immigration office isContinue reading “True Marriage, True Love & Convictions in the Eyes of Immigration Officers”

Reasons why your marriage petition may be denied

People fall in love every day. In some of those cases, the love leads to the couple getting married. In the US, usually there are no issues when a couple gets married; they simply get married either through a religious ceremony and/ or a civil ceremony and file the appropriate paperwork so that the USContinue reading “Reasons why your marriage petition may be denied”

How to get a visa for your spouse as a Legal Permanent Resident (Green Card holder)

Congratulations, you have obtained Legal Permanent Residence Status and obtained your Green Card. What now? Well if you are in the United States alone, but are married, and maybe have children, then you probably want to try to get them visas so they can join you in the United States. If you have a foreignContinue reading “How to get a visa for your spouse as a Legal Permanent Resident (Green Card holder)”

Citizenship Through Marriage, Criteria

The United States offers many options for an immigrant to obtain Legal Permanent Residence status and obtain a Green Card. From here, an applicant may apply to become a United States Citizen through the Naturalization process. One of the many options that the United States allows is through marriage. However, this process does take someContinue reading “Citizenship Through Marriage, Criteria”

Applying for Citizenship Through Marriage

There are a few ways for a legal permanent resident to apply for citizenship. One of the quickest way for a person to apply for citizenship is through marriage. Normally a legal permanent resident must live in the United States for a minimum of five years before he or she can apply for citizenship. IfContinue reading “Applying for Citizenship Through Marriage”

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