National Interest Waiver for US Immigration

Some individuals are truly extraordinary in the things they do. Some may be the pioneer and leading expert in their area of research, while others may lead or oversee a large corporation. For those exceptional individuals that can provide a compelling national interest to immigrate to the United States, they may qualify as a NationalContinue reading “National Interest Waiver for US Immigration”

Reviewing Qualifications for Eb2 (NIW) US Visas (Self-Petitioning Employment Visas)

Similar to an EB1 visa, and EB2 visa is an employment-based visa. This is the second preference category. Typically, to qualify for the EB2 visa, the foreign national must have a permanent job offer waiting for them once they are granted a visa. Furthermore, it is also required that the foreign national obtain an approvedContinue reading “Reviewing Qualifications for Eb2 (NIW) US Visas (Self-Petitioning Employment Visas)”

National Interest Waiver

One of the ways to receive a US Green card is through sponsorship of a qualified employer. A petitioner (worker),however, may waive the sponsorship by filing a National Interest Waiver (NIW). Applicant must show proposed employment is valuable to the US national goals. Science, research, art & business are all examples of qualifying fields forContinue reading “National Interest Waiver”

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