Visa Type for Artist, Actors, and Athletes

Of all the visa types that the US government provides, the O-1 visa is one of the few that does not have a visa quota (meaning no limit). The O-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa for those who demonstrate extraordinary ability in the motion picture, arts, science, business, education, televisions industry or athletics. Keep inContinue reading “Visa Type for Artist, Actors, and Athletes”

O-1 Visa: Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement

The US offers numerous non-immigration visas. The O-1 visa for example, is a temporary visa that allows a person to work while in the US. Once the visa has been properly applied for and approved, the visa is issued pretty quickly when compared to other visas. Although it is a temporary visa, you can requestContinue reading “O-1 Visa: Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement”

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