P-1 Visas, Designed for the Exceptional Athlete

Are you an accomplished athlete, team member, or even coach looking to get an U.S. Visa? If so, you might even qualify as a subcategory of applicants known as P-1A applicants. According to USCIS, a P-1A applicant is a special athlete (or supporting member) coming to the U.S. with the sole purpose of advancing theirContinue reading “P-1 Visas, Designed for the Exceptional Athlete”

P1 Visa may help your athlete or entertainment team to get global exposure

P1 is a type of Visa where members of an athlete or entertainment groups come to the US. The athlete or entertainment group must be internationally recognized. Sometimes it suffices if the group is nationally recognized when it scores excellence in its own discipline, but has been unknown due to the lack of media exposureContinue reading “P1 Visa may help your athlete or entertainment team to get global exposure”

What are the general requirements for P1 visas?

A P1 visa holder is usually an internationally recognized athlete or a member of an internationally recognized sports team. Holder of P1 visa could get paid for performance or may study part time in the US. This visa may be issued for tournaments, seasonal competitions, events, vacations, or any activities that are incidental or relatedContinue reading “What are the general requirements for P1 visas?”

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