The Removal of EB-5 Conditions: Another Step Towards Permanent U.S. Residence

USCIS’ EB-5 investor program is a special path to citizenship that encourages successful businesses to expand to the United States. If you’ve never heard about EB-5 investors and think you might be interested, you should definitely check out past blogs that explain this program in greater detail. For EB-5 investors that have already immigrated andContinue reading “The Removal of EB-5 Conditions: Another Step Towards Permanent U.S. Residence”

True Marriage, True Love & Convictions in the Eyes of Immigration Officers

Imagine arranging a beautiful marriage in the United States only to have it ruined by a lengthy court process that tries to accuse your entire relationship as fraud. As xenophobic sentiments continue to manifest in the United States, the legitimacy of many immigrant marriages are now being questioned. More specifically, the U.S. immigration office isContinue reading “True Marriage, True Love & Convictions in the Eyes of Immigration Officers”

Adjustment of Status

Ever wonder what happens to the thousands of people who arrive to the US borders on a valid non-immigrant visas but are fearful to go back to the country they came from? Well, besides finding a temporary, protected place, some of the US Asylum seekers including main applicants and their families actually end up becomingContinue reading “Adjustment of Status”

Removal of Conditions on an Investment Type Visa

Some immigrants who obtain a visa to enter the United States obtain their visas with conditions placed on it; also known as a “Conditional Status” visa. For a foreign investor, often the visa he or she obtains is only valid for 2 years and cannot be renewed. The investor must file a petition to removeContinue reading “Removal of Conditions on an Investment Type Visa”

Remove Conditions on Permanent Residence Based on Marriage

Many movies and television shows have made it seem like obtaining a green card through marriage is as easy as getting married and going through an interview. Although there is an interview that both partners will have to go through with an Immigration Officer, there are a few more steps involved in obtaining Legal PermanentContinue reading “Remove Conditions on Permanent Residence Based on Marriage”

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