How United Nation’s Convention Against Torture Affects US Immigration

For all humans living on this one planet, history and experience has sought mankind to establish fundamental laws and rights that benefit everyone. As such, the United Nations has unanimously established a convention against human torture. In essence, The United Nations Convention against Torture (UNCAT) is an agreement that demands states to take effective measures inContinue reading “How United Nation’s Convention Against Torture Affects US Immigration”

Civil Claims in the United States

If you’ve ever legally filled a dispute against another person, organization, or company, chances are you have pursued a civil claim. In the United States, matters that involve the court can essentially be categorized into two separate groups: civil and criminal cases. A civil case involves a person or entity (government or corporation) known asContinue reading “Civil Claims in the United States”

How the US Government Revokes the Citizenship of White-Collar Criminals and Terrorists

Considering the millions of people that cross the United States border each year, the USCIS does a great job admitting many deserving and hard-working families looking to start anew. The immigration process is structured and designed in a special way that safely admits new citizens each year. However, no system is perfect and each yearContinue reading “How the US Government Revokes the Citizenship of White-Collar Criminals and Terrorists”

Long Wait for Visa Interviews

After completing all the proper documents and providing the proper documents, a US visa applicant will next have to go through an interview at a US embassy of his or her choosing. This wait however may take a long time, depending on the applicant and the type of visa that he or she is applyingContinue reading “Long Wait for Visa Interviews”

Consequences for Immigrants who do not pay their taxes

It is a New Year and that is cause for celebration. With the New Year comes one of the most dreaded season that most people don’t think about until it arrives, Tax season. Properly filing tax paperwork is important for everyone in the USA. We all know that citizens and lawful permanent residence of theContinue reading “Consequences for Immigrants who do not pay their taxes”

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