What is the Oath of Allegiance?

What is the Oath of Allegiance? Every year thousands of Green Card Holders apply in order to become US Citizens. The application process is detailed and needs a lot of accurate attention. Although an experienced ; strategic lawyer would make the process easier the overall process has become harder as the year passes. In aContinue reading “What is the Oath of Allegiance?”

Individual (Merits) Hearing for Asylum Trials in Immigration Court Hearing–Removal Procedure

The merits hearing follows a master calendar hearing and typically is a formal hearing where the facts of an asylum claim are tried. An asylum trial may last several sessions. It may also take several years before all parties can meet. The defendant in an asylum case is called respondent. Respondent’s lawyer may have severalContinue reading “Individual (Merits) Hearing for Asylum Trials in Immigration Court Hearing–Removal Procedure”

Wrongful Death Claims under the California Court of Law

Claims involving wrongful death can be made in the California court of law when an individual has passed away due to the negligence of another party. Though loved ones are inclined to act fast and file a wrongful death claim, it of utmost importance to know whether they have legal right to do so. WhoContinue reading “Wrongful Death Claims under the California Court of Law”

Obtaining U.S. Citizenship Through Parents

When it comes to obtaining U.S. citizenship through legal family relationships, there are generally two ways: at birth and after birth (but before the age of 18). In order to help those interested in this process, Congress has enacted laws that help clarify the prerequisites to establish birthright citizenship. Laws on birthright citizenship has changedContinue reading “Obtaining U.S. Citizenship Through Parents”

National Interest Waiver for US Immigration

Some individuals are truly extraordinary in the things they do. Some may be the pioneer and leading expert in their area of research, while others may lead or oversee a large corporation. For those exceptional individuals that can provide a compelling national interest to immigrate to the United States, they may qualify as a NationalContinue reading “National Interest Waiver for US Immigration”

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