New Rules are Set to Create Additional “Asylum Bars”

The new rules currently being challenged in court by advocates will set new asylum bar. This means whoever is convicted of these crimes will not be eligible to apply for asylum after November 20th, 2020. The crimes must have been committed after Nov 20th, 2020. These crimes will cause a granted asylee to lose hisContinue reading “New Rules are Set to Create Additional “Asylum Bars””

What Is Immigration Inadmissibility and What are the Solutions?

Admission means allowing a person outside of the US enter to the US or allowing a person within the US get a Green Card. Inadmissible, means someone who does not receive that permission. Grounds of inadmissibility means reasons through which one person can become inadmissible. Different eligible categories may have various grounds of inadmissibility. ForContinue reading “What Is Immigration Inadmissibility and What are the Solutions?”

BANKRUPTCY AND IMMIGRATION, Frequently Asked Questions

–Do I have to be a US citizen to file for bankruptcy?    No, you don’t have to be. You can either be a green card holder or a US citizen to file for bankruptcy. –Is US bankruptcy effective against creditors outside of the United States? Yes. –Would filling bankruptcy affect my Green Card orContinue reading “BANKRUPTCY AND IMMIGRATION, Frequently Asked Questions”

OFAC: Complex Laws and No Due Process for International Violators

Court Cases show predominantly favorable decisions for Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), US Department of Treasury. OFAC claims it does not have enforcement powers. As a matter of fact, the power has been given to the secretary of treasury to exercise many decisions, including but not limited to “include companies or individuals in specialContinue reading “OFAC: Complex Laws and No Due Process for International Violators”

Court Found Deportation of Multiple-Time Convicted Felon “Fundamentally Unfair

Crimes have unimaginably harsh Consequences for an Immigrant. One of the consequences is serving more time in jail (immigration detention) after one has been released from criminal jail. The detainees often find it so difficult to serve more after they are released from the first jail. Deportations for the convicted immigrants are ever harsher thanContinue reading “Court Found Deportation of Multiple-Time Convicted Felon “Fundamentally Unfair”

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