What Should I do, If I Entered the United States Illegally and Want to Apply for Asylum?

After watching the evening news and seeing thousands of migrants flee into the United States, have you ever wondered if these illegal refugees will have issues later on applying for Asylum? From “coyotes” that help smuggle people across the border to experts that falsify immigration documents, people resorted to extraordinary ways to get into theContinue reading “What Should I do, If I Entered the United States Illegally and Want to Apply for Asylum?”

How United Nation’s Convention Against Torture Affects US Immigration

For all humans living on this one planet, history and experience has sought mankind to establish fundamental laws and rights that benefit everyone. As such, the United Nations has unanimously established a convention against human torture. In essence, The United Nations Convention against Torture (UNCAT) is an agreement that demands states to take effective measures inContinue reading “How United Nation’s Convention Against Torture Affects US Immigration”

The Two Different Ways to Obtain Asylum in the United States: Affirmative and Defensive Asylum

In the field of immigration law, “asylum status” refers to someone who has been granted protection because he or she suffers from persecution. There are specific activities or characteristics that USCIS deems as persecution, so if one is unsure, they should read previous blogs that go into greater detail. Now that one has established thatContinue reading “The Two Different Ways to Obtain Asylum in the United States: Affirmative and Defensive Asylum”

What is Asylum?

Asylum is a special status often granted to refugees avoiding persecution for various reasons. Beyond politics, governments, and countries, leaders from around the world have established humans’ fundamental right to a life free from persecution. Respecting this human right, countries such as the United States have upheld the practice of granting asylum (or a placeContinue reading “What is Asylum?”

Adjustment of Status

Ever wonder what happens to the thousands of people who arrive to the US borders on a valid non-immigrant visas but are fearful to go back to the country they came from? Well, besides finding a temporary, protected place, some of the US Asylum seekers including main applicants and their families actually end up becomingContinue reading “Adjustment of Status”

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