US Citizenship and Residency Requirements

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services can grant citizenship to the applicants who have a Green Card and have completed residency requirements. Although residency requirement is not the only condition to Citizenship, its one of the most important ones. The minimum age to apply individually for citizenship is 18 years old. In each residencyContinue reading “US Citizenship and Residency Requirements”

Recording Without Consent is Illegal in California

As technology continues to advance and audio recording systems become sleeker and more discrete, many individuals have rightfully feared the possibility of someone recording a confidential conversation. In California, it is actually illegal for people to record a private/confidential conversation or telephone call without one’s consent. Recording someone without the others’ knowledge is an actContinue reading “Recording Without Consent is Illegal in California”

Important Things to Know about Contract Disputes in California

For those involved in a contract dispute in California, the first thing they must determine is whether or not the original agreement at issue is considered an “enforceable contract” under California law. The enforceability of the contract will determine whether injured parties can pursue legal action for compensation. Is Your Contract Valid? When deciding onContinue reading “Important Things to Know about Contract Disputes in California”

The Removal of EB-5 Conditions: Another Step Towards Permanent U.S. Residence

USCIS’ EB-5 investor program is a special path to citizenship that encourages successful businesses to expand to the United States. If you’ve never heard about EB-5 investors and think you might be interested, you should definitely check out past blogs that explain this program in greater detail. For EB-5 investors that have already immigrated andContinue reading “The Removal of EB-5 Conditions: Another Step Towards Permanent U.S. Residence”

Job Creation Requirements of an Eb5 (Investment Immigrant) Visa

Eb5 is an Immigrant Visa program that was created to boost the US economy in 1992 and by far each year US Congress has extended the program. Foreign investor may purchase a business that has lost capital and through expenditure of capital and employment of effective management rescue the failing business. Investor of the failingContinue reading “Job Creation Requirements of an Eb5 (Investment Immigrant) Visa”

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