Breach of Contract: Anticipatory Breach

When most people think of contracts, they often forget that a contract may be breached under California contract laws when one party unconditionally refuses to perform the promised task. In court, this type of refusal is referred to as a repudiation of the contract. When one party indicates repudiation—through words, actions, or both—the injured partyContinue reading “Breach of Contract: Anticipatory Breach”

Important Things to Know about California’s Statute of Limitations

Why are there Statutes of Limitations? What do they do? Legislatures mandate specific time limits for victims interested in filing lawsuits because it assumes that the reliability of one’s evidence decreases as more time passes by. For defendants of the case, they can invoke the statute of limitations when the suing party fails to fileContinue reading “Important Things to Know about California’s Statute of Limitations”

California Statute of Frauds: Contracts that are Unenforceable

When it comes to California contract laws, oral or verbal contracts are typically valid and enforceable. However, in some circumstances where the uncertain nature of oral agreement compromises the contract, a written record be required in order to make it legally binding. The California Statute of Frauds is a set of statutory provisions that outlineContinue reading “California Statute of Frauds: Contracts that are Unenforceable”

One Way to Resolve Your Contract Dispute: Rescission

When a valid legal contract is in dispute, injured parties will often seek remedies. Typically, these remedies will be legal or equitable in nature and can come in various forms. Though there are various ways rescission may provide remedy, the common goal is to cancel the prior agreement. More importantly, remedies where rescission is mandatedContinue reading “One Way to Resolve Your Contract Dispute: Rescission”

How a Record of Contract Fraud may Affect Your U.S. Immigration Admissibility

In many parts of the world, business deals may involve many variables that may not initially be viewed as fraud. For instance, traditional gifts and other customs from one culture may later be interpreted by another as bribery. The potential for misinterpretation in business deals reminds people to always be aware of how some actionsContinue reading “How a Record of Contract Fraud may Affect Your U.S. Immigration Admissibility”

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