Waiving Labor Certificate and Receiving a Green Card (NIW)

In order to qualify for NIW, Eb2 (2nd Employment Based Category of Green Card) an applicant must show qualifications under matter of Dhanasar, where the immigration officer, an employee of USCIS (United States Immigration and Citizenship Services, department of Homeland Security) has discretionary power to grant a green card without involvement or approval of theContinue reading “Waiving Labor Certificate and Receiving a Green Card (NIW)”

How the Recent Presidential Proclamation on Health Care will Affect US Green Cards

As of recent, the Department of State (DOS) has implemented the new Presidential Proclamation on most US green cards applicants, requiring that individuals prove or demonstrate their means of securing health insurance within 30 days of admission. The new Proclamation on Healthcare was released in October and has been in effect since November 3, 2019.Continue reading “How the Recent Presidential Proclamation on Health Care will Affect US Green Cards”

What Happens When You Abandon Your Green Card?

When people become a lawful permanent resident (LPR) or green card holder, these residents will maintain their current status unless they apply for naturalization or they lose/abandon the status. For individuals found guilty of intentionally abandoning their green card status, USCIS warns that the green card status may be taken away. There are several factorsContinue reading “What Happens When You Abandon Your Green Card?”

Why Children Applying for Green Cards should Remain Unmarried.

During the application filed by green card holders or U.S. citizen parents for unmarried children, children should not get married. And here’s why. Why does marriage play such a big role in how USCIS’ gives out green cards every year? Put simply, it all comes down to the number of green cards they can giveContinue reading “Why Children Applying for Green Cards should Remain Unmarried.”

Eb5 & Unconditional (Final) Green Card

To receive the Final Green Card (Unconditional Second Green Card) Through US Investment Visa (Eb5) one must fulfill the requirements promised when received the First (Conditional) Green Card. These requirements depend on the conditions of the investment. In Direct Investment, three scenarios are allowed: 1) Purchasing of a new business or restructuring a business, soContinue reading “Eb5 & Unconditional (Final) Green Card”

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