Crimes that can get an Immigrant Deported

In the United States, all immigrants—even who have obtained green cards—can risk being deported if they violate U.S. immigration laws. Naturally, data shows that the most common cause for people to be placed into removal proceedings is due to legal evidence of an immigrant convicted of a crime. For USCIS consular officers and immigration judgesContinue reading “Crimes that can get an Immigrant Deported”

Removal Procedure for Overstaying Your Temporary U.S. Visa

USCIS admits countless immigrants each year by giving out temporary U.S. visas. If you are a student or overseas business investor, chances are you were admitted through a temporary U.S. visa. Many law-abiding citizens will leave when their visa expiration arrives or attempt to adjust their conditional living status. Well, what happens to those whoContinue reading “Removal Procedure for Overstaying Your Temporary U.S. Visa”

What Happens to Non-U.S. Citizens After They Commit A Crime

If you are in the United States as a non-US Citizen, you want to be careful that you do not do anything that can get you in trouble such as commit a crime. The reason you want to obey the law while in the United States is that apart from being sent to jail and/Continue reading “What Happens to Non-U.S. Citizens After They Commit A Crime”

What you need to know about posting Bond if you are in Removal Proceedings

If you are in Removal Proceedings (formally known as deportation proceedings), the US government is attempting to remove you from the country and either send you back to your home country, or a different suitable country. Typically, you are held in an immigration detention center until a decision is made on your case. This canContinue reading “What you need to know about posting Bond if you are in Removal Proceedings”

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