F-1, M-1, J-1 Student Visas Explained

Ever wondered about the possibility of earning an American education as an international student? Thankfully, USCIS offers a variety of programs/pathways for applicants to apply for visas. This article aims to explain three main types of student visas: F-1, M-1, and J-1 visas. The F-1 student visa program is designed for foreign students that wantContinue reading “F-1, M-1, J-1 Student Visas Explained”

F-2 Visas: Visas given to the Family of International Students

If you’ve ever been interested in immigrating to the U.S., you’ve probably heard of F-1 or F-2 visas. These special type of visas make their way into conversation about US immigration because it is a popular option for young students and their families. F-1 and F-2 Visas are relevant topics in U.S. immigration because thousandsContinue reading “F-2 Visas: Visas given to the Family of International Students”

Highlight of required qualifications for Student Visas

An F1 or student visa is given to applicants who wish to study in the United States temporally. The applicant must be able to show she is a bona fide student who has been admitted in an established academic institution, has non-immigrant intent, possess strong ties to her country of origin, and has sufficient fundsContinue reading “Highlight of required qualifications for Student Visas”

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