OFAC’s Rules; Regulations that Must Not Be Ignored

Are OFAC rules on Iran Sanctions extremely strict?

Yes, but “The Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act (CISADA) provides for a waiver of the sanctions under the Iranian Financial Sanctions Regulations (IFSR) if the Secretary of the Treasury determines that a waiver is necessary to the national interest of the United States.”

Why Notarios downplay the importance of OFAC rules?

Contrary to what NOTARIOS advertise, waivers on sanctions are very hard to receive. Notarios are people who have access to nationals of other countries, defraud them for their benefits, offer them promising version of US immigration laws, take their money and depending on the community they prey upon , they are detrimental to the US National Security) are spreading in the market this waiver must be requested. A full disclosure of the entire transaction and transfer of assets must be submitted to request a license or a waiver of a required license.

Why Notarios and OFAC are related in a practical sense?
The reason Notarion Fraud and OFAC rules often cross path is that OFAC regulations are related to transfer and disbursement of foreign assets– an easy prey for scammers with no accountability.

Why to stay away from Notarios?
According to American Bar Association “Notarion Fraud” include Individuals who constantly lie about their qualifications and use fraudulent statements to routinely victimize members of immigration communities.

Who must follow OFAC?
All U.S. persons.
Who are US Persons?
All US citizens, all Green Card holders, all US corporations and their foreign branches, all people living within the US.

What are the criminal penalties for violating OFAC?
Criminal penalties include a fine up to several millions of dollars and/or up to 20 years in prison for every violation.

What are the civil penalties of violation of OFAC?
each violation has thousands of dollars of fine and seizure and forfeiture of subject assets.

What is an OFAC License?
It is an authorization from department of treasury to make an otherwise prohibited transaction possible for a class of operators or specific person. Licenses are either general or specific.
What is an example of a general license?
Legal fees charged by an attorney in the US
What is an example of a specific license?
A transaction which lays out specific details and requests a license after full disclosure

What to do if we want to transfer money from sanctioned
countries or do transactions there?
First you must remember not to speak with a Notario. You must hide that you even own an asset from a Notario. Then you must contact an OFAC attorney. And diligently follow the advise.
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Ramona Kennedy (Attorney) received her Jurisprudence Doctorate(Doctorate in law) in America. Ramona Kennedy is a licensed Attorney in California (USA) and a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). Ms. Kennedy's areas of practice are US Immigration law, US federal Laws and California State Laws. This is an immigration law blog. It is not intended to be used as legal advise. For further information please contact the law offices of Attorney Ramona Kennedy.

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